mental training

for individuals & teams

Topics can be:
· goal setting training
· activation and relaxation training
· performance under stress and pressure
· mental preparation for competitions
· dealing with setbacks & defeats
· teambuilding & team Development
· emotional regulation – emotion intelligence
· coach the coach

one on one trainings or team workshops for amateurs and professionals
for training & competition in sports, business & every day life
for athlets, coaches, parents and clubs

mental strength

for teams


balanced in life & on a slackline

Being balanced – mentally and physically, at work & in everyday life by sportpsychological training on a slackline.
This Workshop is held together with Elli Schulte, professional slackliner.

full day or half day
from 5 participants on
place after arrangement


sportpsychology in sales

Mental training for salespeople – change of perspective – motivation – self awareness. Using sportpsychological methods from professional athletes to be successful at work.

Two hourse or half day
from 5 participants on
place after arrangement
in English and German language


personality & communication

Only in German language!
„Erfolg durch Persönlichkeit – Grundlagen wertschätzender Kommunikation – sich selbst und andere besser verstehen“
In cooperation with Stiftung STUFEN zum Erfolg.

One or two days
from 12 participants on
place after arrangement
in German language only

mental freedom

for individuals & teams


Combination of Yoga and Pilates, awareness of body and mind by doing exercises

functional training

Exercises designed for the needs of your body – to feel your body

mobilisation at work

Beiing focused at work, you easily forget the belongings of your body – with little movements in between you keep your body smooth and relaxed

individual trainins & groups
regular courses and individual arrangements at work, at home, or outside

"The strongest muscle is the head"

Arno Ilgner