Dr. Nicole Bick, Head of BPW Germany Club Bonn e.V.

“In her digital workshop, Katharina Hänsch was able to involve and motivate all participants right from the start. Through small exercises Katharina has shown how to stay fresh and healthy in front of our PC. Many thanks for that excellent and professional presentation.”

Gina Sibila,  germanwheel and cry wheel artist

“Many thanks from the bottom of my heart. You have helped me a lot in a very difficult and uncertain time. You have shown me tips and tricks which I, hopefully, will never forget again and which I will implement in the future.”

Alexander Steinmetz, VfLXander1848, FIFA PlayStation 4

“When playing FIFA at the highest level and the playing skills converge, the most important question in major matches is: who is mentally stronger. Mental strength is an often underestimated ability, but it is enormously important. That’s why it’s an integral part of my training, and Katharina gives me great support.”

Elli Schulte

Elli Schulte,  professional slackliner, world champion 2012 & 2014

“Kathi shows me through her positive nature, lightness and various techniques how to manage the level of nervousness. It allowed me to perform at the very best of my abilities.”

Photo by Jan Fassbender

"The strongest muscle is the head"

Arno Ilgner